Staff Directory

The staff at Mohave High School will happily answer your questions and provide any needed information. We invite you to stop by our school, and meet our wonderful teachers and staff. We've also provided our mailing address as well as our office phone and fax numbers. We're dedicated to supporting our students, parents, and community. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Where We're Located
2251 Highway 95
Bullhead City, AZ 86442

Phone & Fax Numbers
(928) 758-3916 Main Phone Number
(928) 758-7145 Fax

School Contact Email
    Terri Sutton, Principal Secretary  

Other Important Phone Numbers:
Office Staff
Steve Lawrence
slawrence@crsk12.orgPrincipalExt. 1204
Terri Sutton  
tsutton@crsk12.orgPrincipal's SecretaryExt. 1204
James Armijojarmijo@crsk12.orgVice PrincipalExt. 1208
Duane Scofield   dscofield@crsk12.orgVice PrincipalExt. 1208
Amanda Amannaamann@crsk12.orgAthletic DirectorExt. 1228
Marcy Jacobombarrows@crsk12.orgVice Principals' Secretary Ext. 1208
Deanna Acostadacosta@crsk12.orgAthletic Director's SecretaryExt. 1228
Jessica Watersjwaters@crsk12.orgAttendanceExt. 1385
Eva Hernandezehernandez@crsk12.orgAttendance   Ext. 1203
Debbie Disotellddisotell@crsk12.orgSpecial Services SecretaryExt. 1209
Judy Benezejbeneze@crsk12.orgAccounts ClerkExt. 1215
Debra Murdockdmurdock@crsk12.orgBookstore   Ext. 1383
Diane Moggdmogg@crsk12.orgRegistrar Ext. 1222

William Bailey

Ext. 1061

Guidance Office

Chance Vallon
Senior Counselor and Sophomores with last names beginning with H - O
Ext. 1221

Amber Parker
Junior Counselor and Sophomores with last names beginning with A - G
Ext. 1217

Noel King
Freshman Counselor and Sophomores last names beginning with P - Z
Ext. 1220
Gina Covert            gcovert@crsk12.orgCTE Director   Ext. 1219
Dawn Lozadadlozada@crsk12.orgInstructional Coach   Ext. 1240
Scarlett Vargas    scvargas@crsk12.orgData Integrity ClerkExt. 1210
Nadine Angulo        nangulo@crsk12.orgFamily Liaison     Ext. 1232

Support Staff
Valerie Woodsonvwoodson@crsk12.orgMHS NurseExt. 1225
Gary Regangreagan@crsk12.orgLibrary Media CenterExt. 1336
Sam Dellsdell@crsk12.orgAfter School ProgramExt. 1323
Mark Baroldymbaroldy@crsk12.orgSchool Resource OfficerExt. 1226
Michelle Leyendecker
Tiny T-Birds

Ext. 1314
Sharon Barstatissbarstatis@crsk12.orgCafeteria ManagerExt. 1370

Our Teachers
Teacher EmailDepartment
Anette  English
Kelley Glaserkglaser@crsk12.orgEnglish
Kevin Greenekgreene@crsk12.orgEnglish
Taylor Lewtlew@crsk12.orgEnglish
Julie Pursleyjpursley@crsk12.orgEnglish
Kellie Robertskroberts@crsk12.orgEnglish
Julie Stickeljstickel@crsk12.orgEnglish
Dejah English
Lori English
Sam English
Mary Ann Baylonmbaylon@crsk12.orgMathematics
Christina Hoffmeyerchoffmeyer@crsk12.orgMathematics
Comilla Greencgreen@crsk12.orgMathematics
Rachel Maycacayonrmaycacayon@crsk12.orgMathematics
Travis Mathematics
Aijah Chavollaachavolla@crsk12.orgMathematics
Anna Boydaboyd@crsk12.orgMathematics Mathematics
Patricia Mathematics
Shirley Torrecampostorrecampo@crsk12.orgMathematics
Shelby Johnsonsjohnson@crsk12.orgScience
Jay Science
Sara Bostelmansbostelman@crsk12.orgScience
Bob Science
Maria Gonzaga Science
Stephanie Eastmanseastman@crsk12.orgScience
Colleen Snowcsnow@crsk12.orgScience
Travis Kingsleytkingsley@crsk12.orgScience
Arlene Nicolasanicolas@crsk12.orgScience
John Drexlerjdrexler@crsk12.orgSocial Studies
Craig Evinscevins@crsk12.orgSocial Studies
Brad Hoffmeyerbhoffmeyer@crsk12.orgSocial Studies
David Lipinskidlipinski@crsk12.orgSocial Studies
Kory Burgesskoburgess@crsk12.orgSocial Studies
Adam Kingaking@crsk12.orgSocial Studies
Tom Vick Jr.tvick@crsk12.orgSocial Studies
Casey Drama & Speech and Debate
Teresa Keeletkeele@crsk12.orgArt
Mike Cookmcook@crsk12.orgArt
Michelle Ribelinmribelin@crsk12.orgMusic
Cameron Pruettcpruett@crsk12.orgMusic
Ivan Brownibrown@crsk12.orgForeign Language/French
James Foreign Language/Spanish
Zdenko Radiczradic@crsk12.orgPhysical Education
Dirk Sloandsloan@crsk12.orgPhysical Education
Rebekah Vickrvick@crsk12.orgPhysical Education
Craig Fischercfischer@crsk12.orgCTE
Faye Kidwellskidwell@crsk12.orgCTE
Shannon Pattersonspatterson@crsk12.orgCTE
Dan Stickeldstickel@crsk12.orgCTE
Michael Sullivanmsullivan@crsk12.orgCTE
Sarah Hamiltonshamilton@crsk12.orgCTE
Rudy Olverarolvera@crsk12.orgCTE
Major Earl Davisedavis@crsk12.orgAir Force ROTC
Travis Air Force ROTC
Sahlee Ostilsostil@crsk12.orgSpecial Education
Dotty Rapedrape@crsk12.orgSpecial Education
Larry Vowincklelvowinckle@crsk12.orgSpecial Education
Linette Special Education
Marianne Grisbeckmgrisbeck@crsk12.orgSpecial Education
Iris Special Education

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